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Court sentences pastor to life imprisonment for raping girl

Kenya, March 2017

A Nyeri court has sentenced a pastor to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of defiling his neighbour’s nine-year-old daughter in Chaka, Kieni East.

Resident Magistrate Catherine Mburu convicted Simon Mutegi of Arise and Shine Church for committing the offence on October 16, 2014.

The court had heard that Mr Mutegi had sexually assaulted the girl in his house when her mother was away.

The minor testified that the convict told her “to remove her pants to be shown something and he also removed his clothes before lying on a couch”.

He later gave her Sh10 to silence her, it was said.

In his defence, Mr Mutegi told the court that on the alleged date, he was in Kerugoya attending a religious meeting.

He said the charge had been fabricated by the girl’s mother, that she had been sending him text messages demanding Sh100,000 to settle the case and that she had threatened him, though he did not report to the police.

While sentencing him, Resident Magistrate Mburu dismissed the issue of a grudge between the Mr Mutegi and the girl’s mother.

She said the defence was unsubstantiated while the prosecution had disgorged its burden of proof in the case.

Ms Mburu gave Mr Mutgei 14 days to appeal the judgment.


Eritrean indicted for rape attempts, home invasions

Eritrea, March 2017

Prosecutors filed an indictment in a Tel Aviv district court Wednesday morning against an illegal immigrant from Eritrea accused of a string of home invasions and planned rapes.

Ewat Nagos, a 25-year old Eritrean man who infiltrated into Israel, was first arrested two weeks ago after two attempted home invasions in Jerusalem.

According to the indictment, Nagos targeted two haredi women living in the same building in the capital. In two different incidents, Nagos trailed them, following them into their building and up the stairs to their apartments.

In each case, as the intended victim entered her apartment, Nagos attempted to force his way in.

After the second break-in attempt, police arrested Nagos, but released him shortly thereafter.

A third incident took place last Thursday, in which Nagos successfully broke into a woman’s apartment.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., Nagos broke into the home of a Ramat Gan woman in her 20s, who was at the time resting in bed.

Nagos entered the woman’s bedroom, waking his intended victim.

When the woman demanded to know what Nagos was doing in her apartment, he replied “I’m looking for a girl,” before proceeding to remove his clothes.

When police arrived they found Nagos lying naked on the woman’s bed. When asked by police to explain his presence there, Nagos claimed he lived in the building.

After authorities arrested Nagos, they sent him for psychiatric observation. During the assessment interview, Nagos told the police psychiatrist that he had broken into the woman’s apartment because he was “looking for a girl for wedding [sic].”

When asked what he planned to do after he broke into the woman’s apartment, the man simply replied “sex”.

Following the interview, the psychiatrist warned police the man is a danger to women.

Based on the psychiatrist’s assessment and Nagos’ repeated offenses, police have requested that he be held in custody until the end of his trial.


12 teenage boys arrested for alleged rape video

Isarael, December 2013

Suspects allegedly raped 12-year-old girl and distributed video to classmates; more arrests expected.

A total of 12 boys ages 13 and 14 have been arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl and filming and distributing a video of the act.

Tel Aviv police said Sunday the case is highly a sensitive and severe one, which they have placed at the top of their priorities. The story came to their attention just recently, when police received a video of the act.

They were not tipped off by a parent.

Investigators suspect there were other incidents that took place, but that the main one in question was at the students’ school.

Police said the girl was not dragged into the school or violently forced there against her will, rather, that she was pressured and unable to give her consent and unable to express her opposition to the acts.

The video in question was sent out by the students to their classmates after the act, police said, and eventually made its way into the hands of the youth crimes investigations department of the Dan subdistrict.

On Sunday morning three suspects were brought for a hearing at the juvenile crimes court in Tel Aviv, and another three will be brought in on Monday.

Police said they expect the number of arrests to continue to grow, as each time a suspect is brought in his testimony has lead to other suspects.


Kuwait: Two convicted murderers executed today

June 2013

Two murders have been executed in the sisterly State of Kuwait today who have been convicted on various rape and murder crimes.

The Chief Prosecutor for Criminal Execution Affairs and International Cooperation, Chancellor Mohammed Al-Duaij, told the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) that the first convict was Egyptian-born Hajjaj Al-Saadi (aka the Beast of Hawallee) was executed today for having seduced and raped five innocent children whose serial crimes caused panicking amongst the community in Hawallee province.

The other convict was Egyptian-born Ahmed Al-Beelli, who committed a pre-meditated deliberate murder crime by incinerating an apartment in which two persons lived after scooping a highly inflammable substance thus leading to the death of the two apartment dwellers.

Chancellor Mohammed Al-Duaij pointed out that there 29 inmates on death row pending execution of capital punishment.


Indian hospital staff arrested over patient’s ‘rape’

India, September 2016

A doctor and a hospital attendant have been arrested for the alleged rape of a woman who was being treated at a top hospital in western India, a police officer said Friday.

The two hospital employees were arrested on Thursday after the alleged victim, who was being treated for dengue, said they drugged and raped her twice over the weekend.

The 19-year-old woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been moved to the intensive care unit of the Apollo hospital in Gujarat state.

“The primary medical report has confirmed rape and the victim has identified both the accused. They are on police remand,” Virendra Yadav, police chief of Gandhinagar city, told AFP.

Yadav said police have sent blood samples from the accused for forensic tests and are examining CCTV footage.

The Apollo hospital group said it was cooperating with police.

“The ward where the incident took place has 14 staff members working round the clock, and is equipped with CCTV cameras,” Apollo said in a statement.

It is not the first time patients in Indian hospitals have alleged rape.

In February a teenager who was being treated in hospital after a sexual assault in eastern Jharkhand state accused a hospital security guard of raping her.

More than 34,000 rapes were reported in 2015, according to the latest figures from the national crimes records bureau, but many go unreported and the true figure is believed to be much higher.